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How to Find a Good Galway Accountant?

There are many accountants in Galway, tax accountants, personal accountants, pick your choice. Accounting needs to be done in any business, so personal accountants and firm accountants are everywhere in Galway.

Finding a bookkeeper, accountant or tax adviser in Galway is an important but time consuming task. How do you know what is important so you do not get any disappointments, or that this is a weekly process?

These 5 tips will help you to quickly find the right bookkeeper, accountant or tax adviser in Galway Ireland and request their accounting services.

Step 1: Think in advance exactly what you’d want to outsource, for example, think of:

Your entire administration / accounting outsourcing or

  • Only check your records to prevent errors
  • Tax: VAT, corporation tax, income tax
  • Obtaining tax advice
  • Outsourcing payroll of your employees
  • Assistance in setting up the administration
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Audit of financial statements

Step 2: What requirements must meet your bookkeeper, accountant or Galway tax consultant?

Also in the financial services industry is that customer should be king, so be critical in who you choose. A good bookkeeper, accountant and tax adviser proactively knows when to take action. The Galway accountant:

  • Is aware of the regulations in force
  • Tells you what tax options are and what business are tax deductible.
  • Must be precise
  • Should not send a fat bill for every call
  • Must be easily accessible
  • Must be sociable

What Does a Galway Accountant Do?

Galway accountants and their accounting services have an important social role. Therefore they are subject to strict rules, whether you are working alone or for a accounting firm. They should adhere to five basic principles: professionalism, integrity, objectivity, competence and confidentiality.

Everyone knows his friends or acquaintances someone who is an accountant in Galway. Usually, we only know of accountants that they work long hours, lease a car and are particularly busy with figures. Only … what does work for an accountant really? An article on the work of a chartered accountant.

The Galway accountant/Galway accounting firm
An association of accountants is mostly men in suits with leased cars, mainly working with numbers. Only an accountant is more than that! In recent years, there are more and more female accountants in Galway and made it possible to work part-time and home working. Yet the question remains what auditors actually do well. In this article, the work will be discussed by a chartered accountant.

The yearbill
The most important and busiest time of the audit is the spring, because the companies need in April the financial statements approved. The auditor is responsible for the accuracy of these statements in which investors and other stakeholders make their choices. Therefore, one of the main conditions of a Galway auditor that it is independent of both the investors and the company itself. The auditor does not itself accounts, but check this. The company provides the figures and the Galway auditor will analyze and verify whether these figures are correct.

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How important are figures?
Yet numbers do not the main job of a Galway accountant, because it is mainly about the people behind the numbers. If the numbers are not good, then it’s usually the people’s fault. You not only look at the figures of the company, but also at the people who work there. In particular, the prevention and detection of fraud in large amounts is an activity of the auditor. It is therefore important that you can communicate well with the people around you and are flexible because when you are an accountant in Galway you go to many different companies in a short time. Accountancy is simpy vital.

The interim audit
Especially in spring keep Galway accountants engaged in the figures, and around the financial statements. The rest of the year, a Galway auditor other work, such as the interim audit. This inspection consists of reviewing all processes within the company in order to prevent that employees would be able to commit fraud. The processes are viewed and employees can be interviewed to see how the process is going.

Consultative work
In addition to checking the financial statements, a Galway business accountant can also provide advice to companies. Usually these consultative work around legal matters, tax matters and in the field of ICT. This advice is not always given by the supervising accountant, but by specialists who also work for the accounting firm in Galway.

Accountancy firms in Galway are ready to help you with any financial issues. There are cheap accountants in Galway and expensive ones, but cheap charges doesn’t mean they are less professional. Accounting is a skill that can be found in high concentration in Galway.

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